Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Recruit Karlach (2024)

By Brandon Morgan

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Karlach is a potential Tiefling companion in Baldur's Gate 3. This guide details where to find her and how to recruit her.

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The world of Baldur's Gate 3 includes a handful of handcrafted companions with unique dialogue, preferences, and roles to play. One such companion, and perhaps the most elusive to many players, is Karlach. She's a Tiefling who spent a lot of time in hell fighting demons during the Blood War on behalf of Zariel. But she's home now and looking for redemption and adventure.

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If players want to track down Karlach to recruit her, they must explore the area surrounding the Risen Road. It's a bloody-good adventure with a few critical choices to make that may determine her story's outcome relatively early in the game.

Who Is Karlach?

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The first time players stumble upon Karlach is likely via dialogue in Druid Grove. The companion Wyll is actively seeking a demon sent from Avernus to burn the Sword Coast, and that demon just so happens to be Karlach.

Later, upon further exploration of the Risen Road to the west of Druid Grove, players may stumble upon a party of wounded and exhausted Paladins in a trade outpost surrounded by blood and carnage. They beg the player for help, asking us to slay a demon that burns with a great fire. Once again, it's Karlach.

By now, players should see a trend regarding the unique flame-borne companion. She's on the run, hunted by various demon-slaying parties, and somewhat dangerous to those around her. As a Tiefling who spent time in the depths of hell, slaying demons of her own, she's quite the companion to recruit — a mighty warrior capable of turning the tide of battle.

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Where To Find Karlach

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If players wish to recruit Karlach, they must head north to the Risen Road. To pass over the river, travel through the woods to the west of Druid Grove; after meeting with the dog grieving its owner, players will note an entrance to the river below. Here, it's possible to use 'Z' to jump across the rocks and reach the opposite side. Be wary, however, as up the hill, you'll encounter roaming bands of Gnolls that prove rather challenging to fight early in the game.

Before heading deeper into the hills, note the trading post covered in blood and gore. Inside, players will meet Anders and his merry band of Paladins who hunt Karlach. Speak with him, and he'll tell the player where to find Karlach.

Thankfully, it's a quick trek down the nearby ladder, then a short walk down the hill to the river once more. There, players will find a fallen tree to cross and, on the other side, Karlach in immense pain and flame. The coordinates for her location are X: -104; Y: 520.

Upon speaking with Karlach, players are given a choice. They may side with the supposed demon or fight her for Anders. It's usually best to see how the story plays out, but the decision is the player's. In order to recruit Karlach, you'll want to side with her against Anders and his Paladins.

How To Recruit Karlach

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Should players opt to work with Karlach and confront Anders and his "Paladins," the party is in for a fight. Anders won't go down quietly, and he proves rather challenging with his two-handed sword and ranged support party members. Thankfully, Karlach hits like a truck. As such, players want her to lead the charge.

There are a few options to defeat Anders. As soon as Anders spots Karlach, the fight begins. As such, it's best to maneuver Karlach up the outside ladder around the backside of the building, then traverse the second floor on the balcony above the main room to leap down once everyone else is prepared. Then, position everyone else for optimum results. It's likely best to keep the strongest melee fighters focused on Anders and the Halfling Ranger. Then, keep a spellcaster near one corner of the room to sling spells into any area within the space. A trader will soon come through the back door to help Anders.

With Anders defeated, Karlach will happily join the party. But first, she has to let off a little steam. When she begins to rage, ensure everyone else within the party is free and clear of the area, as the infernal engine in her chest will cause Karlach to light harmful fires throughout the building as she smashes objects. That fire hurts!

From here on out, so long as the player does not make any rash decisions that Karlach doesn't agree with, like siding with the goblins, she'll remain a part of the party!

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Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Recruit Karlach (2024)


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