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Karlach is an interesting character in Baldur’s Gate 3, so it only makes sense that players are looking to romance her. Follow this in-depth guide to learn how to romance Karlach, including her likes, dislikes, and a step-by-step through all three acts.

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How to Increase Karlach’s Approval in Baldur’s Gate 3

The first step in romancing a character in Baldur’s Gate 3 is figuring out their likes and dislikes. Each character is different in this regard, so in the following sections, you will discover what Karlach likes and dislikes so you can become her partner in the end.

Karlach’s Likes

Karlach is a huge fan of people who show acts of kindness and heroism. While having Karlach in your party, always choose an action or dialogue that will help another person or requires a brave mindset. This is especially important when dealing with children, as Karlach loves kids and wants you to be the same.

Considering Karlach is a Tiefling, she likes it when you are kind to her people. When interacting with any other Tiefling on your journey, show a willingness to help and always show respect. This will increase your approval with Karlach tenfold.

Lastly, Karlach approves of violent solutions to problems as long as it is against people with evil intent or malicious actions. For example, she really likes it when you stick up for individuals who are getting bullied or manipulated by others. So when you find someone being taken advantage of, jump in and save them.

To recap, here is everything that Karlach likes:

  • Acts of kindness.
  • Heroism.
  • Be nice to other Tieflings.
  • Select brave actions.
  • Be nice to children.
  • Violent solutions to bad people.
  • Protect the weak.

Karlach’s Dislikes

As previously mentioned, Karlach approves of violence, but only if it’s not mindless and unnecessary. In other words, don’t choose actions that result in someone getting hurt for no good reason at all. This is a surefire way to have the approval go down with Karlach.

Karlach is a brave Tiefling who doesn’t like working with people who act cowardly. Whenever you have the opportunity to show a brave face or take action in a challenging situation, make sure you do it, as Karlach will not respect you if you don’t.

Lastly, under no circ*mstances whatsoever, do not side with the Goblins in any situation. Goblins want to eliminate the Tieflings (Karlach’s people), so if you side with them, your approval rating with Karlach will go way down. Always make sure you put Tieflings first when trying to romance Karlach.

To recap, here are Karlach’s dislikes:

  • Doesn’t like mindless violence or cruelty.
  • Don’t act cowardly.
  • Don’t side with goblins.

How to Romance Karlach

The following section is dedicated to romancing Karlach throughout the game’s three acts. Make sure to follow the likes and dislikes section of this guide to have the best success rate.

Act 1 Romance Choices

The first step in romancing Karlach in Act 1 is rescuing Halsin from the Goblin Camp and the Refugees in the Grove. Doing so will lead to a celebration at the base camp, where the player can talk to Karlach about what is going on.

When speaking to Karlach, pick the following dialogue option:

  • I think I’ve drummed up the courage to tell you how much I like you.

Considering you just saved all those people from the quest, she will approve of you enough that you will get a positive response. Head toward your bed at the camp to start an interaction with Karlach, who will go into detail about an Infernal Engine inside her. Be polite and respectful to Karlach during this interaction, and choose the option to kiss her when the time presents itself.

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Act 2 Romance Choices

Since Karlach opened up to you about the Infernal Engine inside her, you’ll need to find a way to cool her down to romance further. The best way to do this is by meeting Dammon, a Tiefling, in Emerald Grove. Speak to him to receive a side quest, sending you to retrieve an Infernal Iron. Once you complete the side quest and bring the Infernal Iron to Dammon, he will create an item that helps Karlach cool down.

For your efforts, the approval rating with Karlach will skyrocket, opening up a bigger chance to romance her. A prompt to talk to Karlach will eventually appear (continue on your journey until it does), and select all the options that align with her likes. Once you sleep in your bed at camp, Karlach will approach you, and you will need to pick the following options:

  • Let’s take things slowly / Believe me, I can handle myself. And you.
  • Go on / What did you have in mind?
  • I’m yours, Karlach / Ah-ah, you first.
  • I thought you’d never ask.

Afterward, you will start a romantic sequence with Karlach. After the sequence ends, speak to Karlach in the morning and pick the following options:

  • Of course I do. Never doubt it / I much more than ‘like’ you.
  • If our record is anything to go by, there are plenty of disasters in our future. But we’ll face them together.
  • I adore you too / I love you.

Act 3 Romance Choices

During Act 3, once you reach the Lower City, you will have the chance to romance Karlach further if your approval rating is high enough. Karlach will invite you on a date where you can agree, opening up another dialogue option sequence. Choose the following dialogue option:

  • Thank you – so do you / Don’t I Know it.

Choose whichever food and drink option, and keep the conversation going (any choices here are fine) until you can go upstairs with Karlach. When she asks you to go upstairs, you have two options that will work here:

  • After you.
  • I’ll happily head upstairs with you, but I want to make sure I’m clear about not wanting to sleep together.

Selecting “After you” will lead to another romantic night together, increasing your relationship with Karlach. If you choose the second option, you will still have a romantic evening together, but it will only involve kissing.

Either choice you make here will still improve your relationship with Karlach, so it just comes down to preference.

This concludes our Karlach romancing guide! Remember always to follow the likes and dislikes section when speaking to Karlach. Otherwise, she may want nothing to do with you throughout the journey!

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Karlach Approval and Romance Guide | Likes, Dislikes, and Dialogue Choices | Attack of the Fanboy (2024)


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