Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (2024)


Engineering in Dragonflight

Engineering makes profession tools and guns, as well as helmets and wrists withspecial Tinker Sockets. They can also make bombs and various gadgets.

Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (1)

An important gadget for personal benefit is the Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (2) Wyrmhole Generator.While the place you are teleported to is random, you can specialize intoNovelties in order to be able to teleport to a Dragon Isles place of yourchoosing.

Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (3)

While you will eventually be able to unlock all talents, doing so will requirea long time as the sources of knowledge are very limited, especially once one-timetreasures and first-crafts are exhausted.


Best Race for Engineering in Dragonflight

There are no Horde races with Engineering bonuses, but Allianceplayers can be Gnomes for +5 skill points or Kul'Tiran for +2 skill points.


Crafting UI in Dragonflight

Dragonflight introduces a few new concepts to professions, which canbe seen in the annotated Crafting UI screenshot below:

Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (4)

  • Most crafting reagents will now have detailed descriptions on how they canbe obtained, such as their profession source;
  • Quality, depicted by the number of diamonds on the top left cornerof most profession items, is a measure of how proficiently the item wasmade, and how powerful it is. On crafted gear, this translates to extra itemlevels, while crafting reagents with higher quality contribute some skilltowards any craft they are used on;
  • Doing the First Craft of an item (as indicated in the UI) grants someEngineering Guide for Dragonflight (5) Artisan's Mettle and one profession knowledge point, as well as significantexperience, making it worthwhile to craft every item at least once;
  • Crafting Specializations, the second option in the bottom tabs, are anew system which allows you to spend profession knowledge points for varioustalent-like bonuses to your crafting abilities;
  • Crafting Orders, the last option in the bottom tabs, allows you tomanage your orders, a new system which allows you to craft gear which requiresbind on pickup materials for other players, as long as they provide these materials.You can also recraft equipment, in order to change its optional reagentsand quality.

Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (6)


Crafting Stats for Engineering in Dragonflight

Recipe Difficulty represents the profession skill level needed to craftthe selected recipe at its highest quality potential. It starts from your baselineprofession skill, but can be improved with profession gear, specialization bonuses,the quality of the materials used to craft and other special items.

Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (7)

The Expected Quality bar under the recipe stats give an idea of the qualityoutcome of crafting the item under current conditions.

There are four new stats for crafting professions, which can show up on yourcrafting gear:

  • Multicraft provides a baseline (increasable by talents) chance tocraft 1 to 2.5 times more items than the usual items a craft produces. A Multicraftproc on a craft that produces 2 items will grant between 1 and 5 extra items, forexample;
  • Resourcefulness provides a chance to use fewer tradeable craftingreagents when crafting;
  • Inspiration provides a baseline (increasable by talents) chance tocraft a recipe with bonus skill (33% of Recipe Difficulty for crafts with3 levels of quality, 16.7% for crafts with 5 levels of quality) added on;
  • Crafting Speed increases your craft speed, allowing you to finishyour crafts faster.

These stats, when activated, will show up on your Crafting Resultspanel, as displayed below:

Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (8)

All stats have their uses, but for Engineering we recommend focusing onInspiration and Resourcefulness for most crafts, as recipe difficultiestend to be on the high side for the best crafts.

If you are focused on crafting parts, explosives and other similar items wherequantity is also very important, swap out your Resourcefulness gear forMulticraft, instead.


Leveling Engineering in Dragonflight

Increasing your skill in Dragonflight is done by crafting items that grantskill points as usual, but the endgame of the profession is in the search forEngineering Knowledge and using it to unlock Engineering Specializations.

Some crafts require special bind on pickup reagents, such as Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (9) Artisan's Mettleor Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (10) Spark of Ingenuity. These reagents are heavily time gated in how theycan be obtained, and thus caution should be used on what you use them for, especiallyearly on.

Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (11)

In order to be efficient, we recommend trying to get as many first-craftbonuses while leveling Engineering as possible, but the specific items to aim forwhile leveling depend on your server's material costs and current sale price forwhatever you are crafting.


Best Engineering Gear

Engineers, like most other professions, can use three pieces of gear:

  • Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (12) Protective Gloves and Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (13) Shockproof Gloves, made by Leatherworkers;
  • Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (14) Draconium Brainwave Amplifier and Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (15) Khaz'gorite Brainwave Amplifier, made by Engineers;
  • Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (16) Draconium Encased Samophlange and Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (17) Khaz'gorite Encased Samophlange, made by Engineers.

Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (18)

As shown in the image above, quality is a big factor in the stats you can getfrom the gear. Green versions are bind on equip and from trainer recipes, but blueversions require faction / renown grinding for their recipe and are bind on pickup,requiring you to submit a Crafting Order for them.

Also, remember to enchant your primary tool with Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (19) Enchant Tool - Draconic Inspirationor Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (20) Enchant Tool - Draconic Resourcefulness.


Crafting Orders

Speaking of crafting orders, all you need to do create one is to go to the NPCresponsible for them in the capital city and open the auction-house like interface.Type a part of the name of the item you are looking to get crafted in the searchbox and pick the exact item from the list that shows up, resulting in the followinginterface:

Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (21)

Here you can pick between a Public Order, which requires you to supplyall materials but should result in a very fast craft (as long as the goldCommission for the crafter is decent enough) as the whole server will beable to do your order, or a Personal Order, which requires you to specifya character that will then receive this order in their profession crafting log:

Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (22)

In public orders you cannot specify the quality of the crafted item.This means that, no matter your commission, there is a very high probability thatan unskilled crafter will pick up the order and produce a low quality item, as thatwill still grant skill points without requiring materials from the crafter, makingit useful even at a 1s commission.

Private orders do allow you to specify a minimum quality for the item,and you can always send them to your own alts or trusted players, who will thenbe able to contribute some, or even all of the crafting materials required themselves.This should be the favored method for anything but the most basic of crafts, butabsolutely make sure to talk to the crafter first and / or put in a very largecommission, as otherwise you are likely to have your order ignored, rather thanfinished.



All professions which craft gear can perform Recrafting, which takesan existing item and crafts it all over again in the hopes of a higher qualityresult, using a fraction of the original materials:

Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (23)

Recrafting's purpose is to allow you to craft gear upgrades as soon asyou can, with the knowledge that you can upgrade the item for much cheaper later.Take note that, if you use low quality materials to craft the original item,future recrafts of the item will not gain as much quality from having maximumquality materials used in the recrafting as would be expected!

While the exact math behind it is not well understood yet, you can think of itas having the recraft use all previously used materials instead of only the newlysubmitted materials.

You can also use the work order system to submit a recrafting request, allowingyou to recraft items you do not have the profession to make:

Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (24)


Zapthrottle Soul Inhaler and Empty Soul Cages

Engineers can create the Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (25) Zapthrottle Soul Inhaler, which is used alongsideJewelcrafting's Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (26) Empty Soul Cages to capture the soul of powerful Elementals.These souls are used in some rare powerful crafts, such as the Jewelcrafting trinkets(Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (27) Idol of the Dreamer).

Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (28)


Best Engineering Specializations and Talents in Dragonflight

Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (29)

Engineering Specializations are divided into four disciplines, each with multiplesub-specializations within which can be unlocked as you put points into theirpre-requisite disciplines, akin to talent trees.

The best specialization for you depends on what your goals are: do you want tobe an explosive master who can also teleport around at will, an efficient part producerfor yourself and other Engineers, to mass-produce explosives that anyone can useefficiently, to focus on end game armor or guns, or to create profession tools,optional reagents, and ammunition efficiently? We will give suggestions on howto accomplish each of these goals below.

Certain specializations, such as Function Over Form's Gears for Gearsub-specialization activate a discovery system where crafting Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (30) Greased-Up Gearsgains a chance to teach you how to craft Cogwheel optional reagents:

Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (31)


Best Engineering Talents for Raiding and Mythic+

  1. 10 points into Mechanical Mind for pathing;
  2. 30 points into Novelties to gain control over where Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (32) Wyrmhole Generator teleports you;
  3. 30 points into Mechanical Mind for 50% reduced cooldown on Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (33) Wyrmhole Generator, pathing, and Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (34) S.A.V.I.O.R.;
  4. 35 points into Inventions for reduced tinker malfunction rate and extra skill for tinker crafts.

Bombs have their own shared 5-minute cooldown, separate from Combat Potions,but unfortunately do not work inside instances, thus we will be focusingon tinker malfunction improvements and ways to teleport around faster withEngineering Guide for Dragonflight (35) Wyrmhole Generator.

While not directly helpful inside instances, Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (36) Wyrmhole Generator helpswith quickly getting around the Dragon Isles and making your WoW gameplay moreefficient, and Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (37) S.A.V.I.O.R. helps with wipe recovery.


Best Engineering Talents for Part Mass-Production

  1. 5 points into Optimized Efficiency for pathing;
  2. 30 points into Pieces Parts for added efficiency when creating parts and occasional free Rousing elements;
  3. 10 points into Optimized Efficiency for further pathing;
  4. 40 points into Generalist for added efficiency when creating parts;
  5. 25 points into Optimized Efficiency for added efficiency.

There are many types of Engineering parts requiring many different reagents,which makes creating them yourself quite a pain. Thus, by specializing yourselfinto part-crafting you can potentially save (or make) a lot of gold bymass-crafting and selling the parts required for the other Engineering crafts.


Best Engineering Talents for Bombs and Explosives Mass-Production

  1. 5 points into Explosives for pathing;
  2. 30 points into Short Fuse for added efficiency when crafting Engineering bombs;
  3. 10 points into Explosives for further pathing;
  4. 20 points into Creation for added efficiency when crafting Engineering bombs;
  5. 5 points into Optimized Efficiency for pathing;
  6. 40 points into Generalist for added efficiency when creating Engineering bombs;
  7. 15 points into Explosives for further pathing;
  8. Learn EZ-Thro (no knowledge point investment required) to start learning its recipes;
  9. 5 points into Creation to enable occasional creation of EZ-Thro explosives when crafting regular ones.

Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (38) Primal Deconstruction Charge and Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (39) EZ-Thro Primal Deconstruction Chargefor non-Engineers are fun devices to use in world content.

While non-Engineers can use Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (40) EZ-Thro Primal Deconstruction Charge, theseare not cheap due to requiring Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (41) Assorted Safety Fuses on top of the regularbomb materials, thus it is questionable whether there will be much of a market forthese types of bombs. It is still good from a gold-making perspective to get atleast one point into EZ-Thro because it enables you to get free EZ-Throbombs from the 25-pointer of Creation.


Best Engineering Talents for Gear and Profession Tool Crafting

  1. 5 points into Function Over Form for pathing;
  2. 5 points into Gear to enable the discovery of Bracer recipes and added skill;
  3. 10 points into Function Over Form for further pathing;
  4. 30 points into Gears for Gear to enable the discovery of Safety Components and to enable the use of Cogwheels;
  5. 25 points into Function Over Form for added efficiency when crafting;
  6. 30 points into Gear to enable the use of optional reagents with Gun crafts;
  7. 40 points into Optimized Efficiency for added skill and Inspiration benefits.

While typically neglected, Engineering gear is actually likely to be meta thistime around because of its unique Tinker Sockets, which do not counttowards the 2 Embellished item limit, thus being free perks which include astraightforward damage gain in Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (42) Tinker: Breath of Neltharion. Unfortunatelythe crafted Head pieces require Engineering to be worn, but the Bracers can beused by everyone!

Tinkers can be safely extracted from items with the Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (43) Tinker Removal Kit,which makes them a one-time purchase and generally low selling potential over time.All tinkers have a chance to malfunction, potentially critically, but you can applySafety Components such as Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (44) Calibrated Safety Switch andEngineering Guide for Dragonflight (45) Critical Failure Prevention Unit during the crafting of the gear item tominimize such risks.


Best Engineering Talents for Ammunition Crafting

  1. 5 points into Function Over Form for pathing;
  2. 30 points into Utility to unlock Ammunition and Scope recipes;
  3. 35 points into Function Over Form for added crafting efficiency;
  4. 5 points into Optimized Efficiency for pathing;
  5. 40 points into Generalist for added efficiency when creating parts;
  6. 35 points into Optimized Efficiency for added crafting efficiency.

Hunters are the only class that can use the Ammunition items Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (46) Completely Safe Rockets(AoE) and Engineering Guide for Dragonflight (47) Endless Stack of Needles (ST), serving the role of temporary weaponenchants for Hunters like sharpening stones for melee and Fauna runes for casters.

Scopes are Hunter's specific enchants for ranged weapons. By taking this pathyou will be able to craft these types of items very efficiently, but your marketis Hunter players only.


Making Gold with Engineering in Dragonflight

From a gold-making perspective, Engineering should allow you to convert cheapore and other materials into expensive Gear, Bombs, Parts, Scopes and Ammunition.

For bind on pickup gear, making gold with Crafting Orders is very dependenton your server, how many (and how generous) clients you can get for your wares,and on timing the public Crafting Order market. Theoretically the best goldfrom orders should be found in the middle-to-late part of the week as manycrafters will have exhausted their weekly public crafting order quota already butthe panic to use what is left of the quota before the weekly reset has not setin yet, either.

Doing orders just before popular raid hours could also be a great goldmakingopportunity, as slackers will want to get their shiny new gear crafted quickly atany cost and thus increase their commission to ensure speed in completion.

For bombs, parts, scopes, and ammunition most of your profits will come fromtiming the market in two steps:

  1. Figure out your server's raid days. Wednesday, Sunday, and Tuesday are thetypical candidates. On these days it will be easier to sell commodities forhigher prices. To make sure, track the worth of your crafts over time in yourserver with The Oribos Exchangewebsite, and sell during high price periods.
  2. Before leaving the website, search for the materials used in the crafts. Takenote of when they are cheapest, and aim to buy during these periods.

Although it sounds simple, most players do not have the patience or knowledgeto take advantage of timing the market, and doing so correctly is where your profitwill come from in the long term. Buying materials to craft and selling the crafts randomlycould actually lead to losing money if you buy high and sell low, so take a littlebit of time to understand the market before you dive in!



  • 18 Apr. 2024: Reviewed for Season 4.
  • 19 Mar. 2024: Reviewed for Patch 10.2.6.
  • 04 Sep. 2022: Reviewed for Patch 10.1.7.
  • 15 Dec. 2022: Clarified that bombs do not work inside Dragonflight instances.
  • 27 Nov. 2022: Updated for Dragonflight.
  • 17 Feb. 2022: Updated for Patch 9.2.
  • 26 Jun. 2021: Updated for Patch 9.1.
  • 09 Mar. 2021: Removed journal mention.
  • 01 Jan. 2020: Added information on the Engineering Battle Resurrection item, leveling tools and more gold making strategies based on live testing.
  • 30 Nov. 2020: Added a small clip showcasing the usefulness of the Wormhole Generator.
  • 28 Nov. 2020: Added a note on how Engineering is one of the few professions that can make a lot of gold with old world content.
  • 25 Nov. 2020: Guide added.

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